You want to share more about your business, but you don’t know where to start. The fire you felt, is gone, the chaos in your mind and social feeds is real and that next step feels miles away. Thank God, help is on it’s way ;-).



When does my consultancy serves you best?


  • You’re navigating a competitive market (that’s a good thing: there is a demand!).
  • You are just started out and you want a stellar strong storytelling start for your brand.
  • You have a brand in place but it (and you) changed so much overtime that it doesn’t feel right anymore (we’ve all been there).
  • You want to define your core values and align your brand message and brand story into a solid foundation.
  • You want to enhance your brand visibility and resonance with your target audience.
  • You are an entrepreneur, so you have a lot of hats to wear already and need some expertise on branding and storytelling to save you time.


Why work with me?

You can work with anybody, so why the hell work with me? 🙂

This is where a personal brand comes in, because next to expertise, experience and a sh*tload of happy clients (I do have that, you can check), deciding to work together is all about connection: are we a match or not? To do the consultancy that makes you insanely happy, your business life easier and your brand shine means that we must feel a connection.

How do you know that? Liking posts on my social content, my tone of voice, my brand values (like trustworthiness, honesty, open-mindedness, professionality, flexibility, creativity, perseverance and clear upfront agreements) already help a lot. And before we decide what you need precisely and if we are that desired match, I also would love to speak to you in person, through Zoom or call.

After that I make you the offer I think that serves you best and then it’s up to you :-).


What consultancy services do I provide?

  • Personal Brand Assessment
    A deep dive into your current brand position, assessing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This can also include an audit of your online presence, including social media profiles, websites, and any other digital footprints.

  • Brand Strategy Development
    I help you formulate a branding strategy that effectively communicates their diverse skill set without confusing or overwhelming your target audience.

  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Creation
    Given the competitive market, having a distinct USP is crucial. I help you find and use your USP in a compelling way.

  • Content Strategy & Planning
    As content is a key medium to convey one’s brand, I can assist in creating a content roadmap tailored to your brands skills and strengths. This can include blog posts, social media updates, videos, and more.
    Be aware: I create the strategy and a roadmap, you are gonna make the content and work with it. If you want me to ghostwrite for you, that’s a different service but an option too.

  • Crisis Management Consultation
    The (digital) world can be tough, and a (online) faux pas is easily made. Are you or your business under fire and is it important that you polish up your image directly and deal with the criticism being fired at you from all sides? I’ve got you. With 8 years of crisis communications experience, I know how to act and help you in times of crisis and beyond.

  • Digital Presence Enhancement
    I offer guidance on optimizing your digital touchpoints (website, social media profiles, email newsletters) to ensure a consistent and compelling brand portrayal.

  • Product and Service Positioning
    For those who offer products or services across different sectors due to their diverse skills, assist in effectively positioning each offering in the market.

  • Ongoing Brand Management
    For a limited number of special clients I offer retainer-based services where I continuously monitor, update, and refine your brand strategy as your skills evolve or as market dynamics change.

Ready to get your personal or business brand on point (again) and kill all the frustrations and doubts you feel all day about communicating about your business? Give me a heads up for help!