'Follow me' is a current thriller about the world of social media. Claire is a hardworking influencer who built a dream career. Her life looks like a fairy tale on the screen, but behind the scenes hides a harrowing reality. How long will she keep up this deception?

Thomas de Bruijne built his talent agency EPIC into the most sought-after influencers agency in the Netherlands, thanks to the showpiece Claire and dubious financial help from business partner Reinier. But with Claire's health failing and Reinier wanting his money back, he must go further than ever to keep selling the dream.

Joëlle Lammerstee is a documentary maker and puts the truth above all else. She doesn't give a damn about the edited world of influencers until her job is on the line and a documentary about EPIC can save her. And not only that. In her search for the truth, she has a hidden agenda. Her premise "the truth comes first" changes to "everything for the truth" and brings her to the edge of the abyss.

How well do we know eachother? What is the real truth in the world of influencers and filters? And how much is that truth worth?


'Room for love' is about love today. A time dominated by options, choices, Tinder and in which forever after seems far away. Yet we still often dream of that idea of ​​the prince in the white horse and the woman of your life, but is it still possible and above all: does it make sense? In this book you will find stories of people who are happy in love and who do things a little differently than usual. About the ideal form of relationship, about jealousy, insecurity and environment. But also the vision of psychologists, a relationship therapist and a trend watcher to show why we do what we do. 'Room for love' is for everyone who seeks, cherishes or has ever loved and reads like a relaxed and ultra thick themed magazine full of fragile and thrilling stories.


Nina Satijn is a young photographer, trying to get her life in order. Single after a long relationship, she finds support from her grandmother Emma, ​​who mainly raised her after the untimely death of her mother. Nina's father Boudewijn, Minister of Justice and Security and in the next term of office in the race for the premiership, hardly cared about her during her upbringing and soon remarried the beautiful Marsala.

When Nina visits Emma one day, she finds her on the floor in the living room of her house. Murdered. She decides to do everything in her power to find the culprit and avenge the death of her beloved grandmother.


The life of model and glamour girl Kim de Kleijne is full of roses. She lands her first leading role in a major feature film and nothing seems to stand in the way of a dream career as an actress. However, the success has an unexpected downside: the faster her star rises, the more her private life slips through her fingers.

Meanwhile, arrived actress Nora Binnendijck hopes for a comeback. Her glory days are over and she is lonely and in a villa that she can no longer afford. Driven by despair, Nora does everything she can to shine one more time and revive her career. But the spotlight is now on Kim…