Boring facts

* Master of Arts, Dutch language and literature at the RU Nijmegen, modern literature
* + 10 years of experience in strategic and crisis communication advisor
* Signed in 2012 my first two bookdeal with Meulenhoff Boekerij
Released 'Spotlight' and 'In the family'Spotlight’ en In de familie’ uit
* Begon als 2016 als ondernemer
* Wrote 1000+ blogs and coached about 500 people online and offline with writing
* Signed a two bookdeal with Ambo|Anthos publishing house
* Published 'Room for love' in 2018Ruimte voor liefde’ uit
* Publiceerde in 2019 ‘Volg me’ bij Ambo|Anthos
* Launched in 2021 my first podcast 'Take5'

‘There is no friend as loyal as a book’ – Ernest Hemingway

The moment I first discovered the power of stories is a vivid memory. In an environment where I quickly became bored, books provided a world full of adventures. I fled with love into all those worlds, but that love for reading wasn't for the the cool kids, dat werd al snel duidelijk.

Ten years later I wrote my first story and the fire that I had felt from reading before was back, but now with writing. With 26 letters you turned out to be able to make anything you wanted and to take others with you too

Where I read and watch to disconnecten from the world and escape or relax, storytelling is a way to connecten to connect. I feel we can't have enough of that, especially in the individualistic age in which we live.

With love,

joyce spijker

Fun facts

* After a successful debut, I succumbed to the self-imposed pressure and expectations of the second. I finished it, but didn't release it in the end. Because I didn't think it was good enough. They call it perfectionism. Or performance anxiety. Or imposter syndrome. Never dissapears, it’s still coming back every fucking time.
* I love notebooks with bullets instead of lines, people who keep their appointments, time with all its technological possibilities, theater and live performances, good films and series, seeing someone blossom in what they do best, dark chocolate (who am I kidding, everything with cocoa), deadlines that are just achievable, work where and when I want and make something that wasn't there before.
* I hate people who constantly see obstacles, whine without solving, meetings with no purpose or result, people who talk without saying anything, breakfast networking clubs and stories that go unread.
* I'm a strider, I love to develop myself and discover new perspectives, I believe in the good of people and I think you can do a lot more than you think. Just put your mind to it, you can. Hard werken en risico’s nemen, loont.