“I’m obsessed with giving the audience something they don’t see coming.” – Jordan Peele, writer and director of Get Out

Is a VIP process (still) a step too far for you and would you rather get started with the implementation yourself, but with a strong foundation? In the 'Unfold your story foundation' we will have a conversation in a special place and we will create the base of your story in 1 day. 

Where in the VIP trajectory we work together longer on the stories you are going to tell and I take care of the elaboration, you do this elaboration after the foundation itself. We choose a basic story and sub-stories and I offer you the common thread, tips and tricks and make sure the puzzle pieces fall into place. I will prepare the day together with you, we will work together for a day and I will work out our 'harvest' in a Storybook that you can work with.

This gives you a kickstart to your goals and can also be a good test for you to see whether you want to continue with it or not and if so how. We can always add a VIP trajectory later if you would like help with the elaboration.

Who is it for?

  • Succesvolle keynote speakers die een nieuw en fris verhaal willen (laten) maken of hun keynote willen verbeteren.
  • Newbie sprekers die voor het eerst een keynote nodig hebben om de markt op te gaan.
  • Entrepreneurs who want an online program, but have so much knowledge that they have trouble finding the right structure.
  • Busy managers who don't have the time to write but do want to transfer their knowledge.
  • Media personalities seeking a ghostwriter for their professional offerings.
  • (Creatieve) ondernemers die hun diensten (creatief en commercieel) beter aan elkaar willen koppelen, passend bij een storybrand.
  • Artists who can sell everything but themselves.
  • Musicians or artists who need a backup story for that new record or NFT.
  • Content creators who need video scripts for their collabs, want to reinvent themselves or are ready to level up. level up.  
  • Do you recognize yourself in one of these groups or do you feel that your concrete goal fits in with this and you could use a kickstart, then 'Unfold your story VIP' is perfect for you. The price is 1795 euros excluding VAT. Interested or questions? Mail me even!