Those few seconds before you have to get on stage. Your hands are shaking. At your feet lie the notes of which nothing sticks at the moment. You breathe faster than you want and let the final touch-ups of the crew wash over you. There is only one thing that counts: to deliver that opening sentence fluently. It's hit or miss, every time, because grabbing your stage – online or offline – and being visible is terrifying. But it is exactly where you want to be.

In 'Backstage' you can see what I can do for you if you, as a professional, want to tell your story even better. I take you on an adventure to that ultimate result. We dig into your past, visualize your future and make sure you tell exactly that story in the present that shows who you are. That authenticity is in you, but often you don't recognize your own golden nuggets What makes you special, you find perfectly normal and chances are that you have gathered so much knowledge and experience by now, that you could use some help in filtering what you really want to say or finding a fresh perspective.  

I hate boring powerpoints and bad entrepreneurial stories. That's why I help you do it differently. A good story has a strong common thread, an opening that triggers and a build-up that leads to a climax to ultimately leave your audience enriched. The content is within you, I help you to mold it into the right shape and to turn that process into a party, because life is short. Does that sound like something to you? Read more and let’s have some fun!  


The 'Unfold your story VIP program' is for professionals with ambition. For those who have something to say, but don't know how. For award-winning keynote speakers looking for a new talk or for talented newbies entering the market. For managers who want to pass on their knowledge through a book, but do not find the space to sit for it, and for professionals who want an online program, but have difficulty filtering their knowledge and applying structure.

In a VIP trajectory I lend you my entrepreneurial-, thinking- and writing power and I take you (2 to 3 days) on an adventure to the best possible end product. I help, I am critical, look at your target group and your marketing opportunities, structure your thoughts and give you a common thread that offers you and your audience something to hold on to. I'll write your book or the scripts for your videos, turn your 15-minute Ted-talk into a one-hour version for a speaker job or lecture, and I'll make sure your text becomes a story that sticks. 

We determine in advance exactly what your desired end product is, just like the timeline and the steps, but I am in charge of the way to get there. We're going on a road trip (literally) and the route is a surprise, so you'll have to trust me a little bit ;-), but I promise you'll return to places you've long forgotten and you'll end up exactly where you want to be.

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Is a VIP process (still) a step too far for you and would you rather get started with the implementation yourself, but with a strong foundation? In the 'Unfold your story foundation' we will have a conversation in a special place and we will create the base of your story in 1 day. 

Where in the VIP trajectory we work together longer on the stories you are going to tell and I take care of the elaboration, you do this elaboration after the foundation itself. We choose a basic story and sub-stories and I offer you the common thread, tips and tricks and make sure the puzzle pieces fall into place. I will prepare the day together with you, we will work together for a day and I will work out our 'harvest' in a Storybook that you can work with. 

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Werk je aan je eigen (merk)verhaal, keynote, creative business, programma, script of boek, maar loop je vast en kun je een extra brein gebruiken? Dan is de ‘Unfold your story speeddate’ een perfecte manier om je project (nieuw) leven in te blazen. In 2 uur tijd gaan we in gesprek (online of offline) en help ik je op weg met jouw verhaal. Ik lees me in, geef je tips en tricks, connecties en gedachten en deel mijn ervaring en ideeën met je. Oftewel: You can pick my brain to get to the finish faster and with less effort.

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The great thing about stories is that they reveal and connect. They connect interviewer and guest, stage and audience and they provide a dynamic and emotion that stays with you. 

As far as I'm concerned, a good interviewer or moderator does more than naturally retain the leadership and setting the mood. He or she brings out the best in their guests and asks the obvious and not so obvious questions. 

I ask everything that is relevant, don't be tempted to recite a prepared questionnaire and improvise with ease to lead the story in the desired direction. I am playful, disarming, a damn good listener and curious. In this way I always provide a valuable conversation.

I prefer to be a moderator or interviewer at events in the cultural sector. I feel at home among artists and enthusiasts, critical thinkers and philosophers, but I also have a lot of experience in moderating in politics or in entrepreneurial panels. Are you looking for a host for your (online) event who is sharp, listens carefully, is playful and steers the conversation effortlessly and smoothly in the intended direction? Send me a message!


In a time when we are being bombarded with information, fake news and half arguments, it is difficult to transfer your vision to your team or to create support for your ideas. Both in your company and towards your customers. Who are you and what do you radiate? Why do you do what you do and how do you tell it? Showing who you are does not start with sharing facts and figures, but with telling a strong narrative, a story. Because a story lasts, the experience can shift and shift accents, numbers never undermine your story, however far they are from the reality of the other. You can convince someone by making a story that can also be true. A story provides open-mindedness, multiple perspectives. Only when the other person has an open mind will he or she be open to your spreadsheets and profit forecasts. If you are in the start-up phase, from start-up to scale-up or if you are dealing with a negative image, a good story sets a new course. How you shape those stories (the technology) and apply them in your company or organization and which stories they become, we will tackle together during 'Unfold your story Team'. Want to know more? Let's get in touch.


Wat moet je als ondernemer in hemelsnaam met een verhaal? Waarom is zakelijk storytellen iets anders dan ‘er was eens’? En waarom zijn juist de principes van storytelling als (creatief) ondernemer ontzettend belangrijk voor je branding? Simpel: om succesvol te zijn, is het van levensbelang om je te onderscheiden van je conculega’s en dat kan met twee ingrediënten: jijzelf en de verhalen die je vertelt. 

Je dienst of product is – helaas – niet uniek, je doelgroep heeft genoeg te kiezen en je skillset is nooit lang de beste of het nieuwste. En dat hoeft ook niet, zolang je jezelf kunt laten zien en jouw verhalen voor je laat spreken. Daarin ben je uniek, die zijn niet kopieerbaar en juist die trekken je ideale klant aan. Ondernemen is kiezen voor diegene die bij je past, als ondernemer én als klant. Door het creëren van verbinding, van laten zien wie jij bent en dat je die ander begrijpt: show, don’t tell, noemen we dat in schrijversland. En ‘show’ is in deze tijd – omdat we overladen worden met prikkels – belangrijker dan ooit.

In this keynote I will teach you the techniques behind storytelling, how storytelling works in our (online) ear and I will help you with practical tips and tricks to unlock your story and start using it. It's show time, baby :).

Ik geef deze (interactieve) keynote (standaard 1 uur, flexibel) oa voor netwerkverenigingen, seminars, events en ondernemersdagen. Meer weten, neem contact met me op over de mogelijkheden.